Band Description

Lightmare is a six-person soulpunk arrangement out of Washington, D.C. making songs about love, death, and revolution, overlapping and in any order. Smooth and sharp, warm and galvanizing, punchy, political and personal. Their set is guaranteed to get your body moving and your feelings flowing.

Band Biography

Lightmare has its origins in the Hat Band DC project, in which participants are randomly assigned to bands to write and perform a short set at a concert benefiting the nonprofit Girls Rock! DC. The initial members of Lightmare had never played music together before, and were largely complete strangers to one another. With a common foundation in punk and social justice ideologies – but with musical influences spanning myriad genres – the group quickly found its groove.

At the showcase that marked the completion of the Hat Band project, with a wildly positive audience response, it was clear this “temporary band” was going to continue onward and make an impact in the DC cultural community. Over the months following their debut show, Lightmare experienced some personnel changes, resulting in the six-person model that comprises the band today.

With a collaborative songwriting process based heavily on improvisation, Lightmare has become a radical space of healing and communion for its members and audience both. The transformative nature of Lightmare’s fellowship is so intense, in fact, that there are rumors of otherworldly forces at play, though the band remains evasive. As of this writing, not one of the six members of Lightmare will confirm whether they are members of any illuminati or illuminati-type group, saying: “Probably not, maybe.”